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10 Steps to Protect Your Rights in a Bicycle Accident
Riding a bike is generally about beauty, joy, and being environment-friendly. However, in rare cases, bicycling may result in anxiety or even tragedy. To be true, bicyclists are the most at-risk individuals on the roads. They ride, generally unprotected, except for the helmets – and...
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Steps to Take If Your Parked Automobile Has Been Hit By Someone
Someone hit your car and ran away? Know that you are not alone! As per CBS News reports, around one-fifth of all crashes occur in parking areas. You left your vehicle for some time in the parking lot and when you returned, you found your...
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Do You Need to Pay Taxes on a Personal Injury Settlement
Disclosing a personal injury settlement for tax reasons largely relies on the circumstances of the personal injury claim as well as how the fiscal awards will impact income for the sufferer. The recompense a victim obtains may happen via multiple payments, or have different components...
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Car Accidents Due to Rain Stats and Safety Tips
If you drive regularly on Central Florida roads, you must be knowing that avoiding wet road conditions is nearly impossible. Rain may cause you to drive uncontrollably and have poor vision, particularly at night, and may also make your automobile slide. As a matter of...
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Motorcycle Accident Law in Florida
The motorcycle helmet law is applicable to all motorcyclists in Florida. But, Florida motorcycle helmet laws don’t apply in every situation. However, if it does apply to your case, your helmet must fulfill the standards of the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT). Here, motorcycle accident...
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