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When You Park Your Vehicle - MANGAL, PLLC
Every year during the Holiday Shopping Season, there is a noticeable surge in crimes and accidents across the country. Shoppers tend to be so occupied buying all sorts of stuff that they often fail to be aware of their surroundings – which either makes them...
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Difference between School Bus Accidents and Other Automobile Accidents
According to School Transportation News, roughly 23.5 million kids use school buses every day, and as per Stanford’s Stanford Children’s Health data, around 17,000 kids get treatment in the emergency room every year for injuries due to accidents, involving a school bus. In 2018, 117...
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Increased Risk of Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents
The beginning of the school year can be full of excitement as well as worrying for many parents and kids. Children have to get back to their schedule and parents too need to follow a fixed routine, based on their kids’ schedule. Uniforms have to...
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Different Types of Damages Awarded in Personal Injury Cases - MANGAL, PLLC
Table of Contents1 Compensatory and Punitive Damages2 Understanding the Fundamentals of Damages3 You Can Pursue Three Types of Damages to Recover Losses in a Personal Injury Case3.1 Economic Damages (Special Damages)3.2 Non-Economic Damages (General Damages)3.3 Punitive Damages (Exemplary Damages)4 Seeking an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney...
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If Your Car or Truck Accident Case Gest Complicated
If you have met with a car or truck accident, it can be difficult to figure out your next steps. While it won’t be easy to tell who is at fault, it can be even harder to find out the location of the insurer of...
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