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Rideshare accident attorney
Uber and Lyft are the two most well-known names synonymous with the ridesharing industry in the US. As of 2023, Uber accounts for 76% of the market share, while Lyft controls 26%. Despite the industry’s continued growth, it is no stranger to controversies. Although these...
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What to do Immediately After a Car Accident?
A car accident can be a life-altering moment in the long run. But in the immediate aftermath, you might be too shocked or perplexed to think about it in a sane manner. Unfortunately, your lack of awareness about what’s going on around you can have...
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Key Questions to Ask a Car Accident Witness
The aftermath of a car crash can cast a shadow of uncertainty, particularly when you find yourself at fault. In such challenging times, safeguarding your assets becomes an essential priority. Florida offers relatively generous asset protection laws, but complacency is not an option. In Florida,...
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School Bus Accident Attorney - MANGAL, PLLC
Sending the kids to school is a major step in the life of all parents. In general, you don’t face any difficulty sending your child off to school. While school buses are typically quite safe for kids, accidents may still occur. And, when this happens,...
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Pedestrian Laws in Florida – Things You Need to Know
If you’re a resident of Florida who likes to go on strolls around the neighborhood, this will certainly not be music to your ears. However, it’s important to state the facts clearly. In 2020, 716 pedestrians were killed on the roads of Florida. The toll...
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