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Clermont Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The complex Florida insurance laws and crafty insurance companies can muddle the process of obtaining compensation for motorcycle accident victims. For this reason, it is crucial for injured motorcyclists, or their loved ones, who are acting on their behalf, to hire a motorcycle accident attorney with ample experience managing such types of claims (or lawsuits).

Skilled Clermont motorcycle accident lawyers at MANGAL, PLLC have a demonstrated track record of handling automobile and motorcycle accident claims against insurance companies. While every case is unique and the damages may vary significantly, our Clermont motorcycle accident attorneys are passionate about assisting motorcyclists to receive fair compensation for their losses, including medical expenses and property damage.

In case you or your loved one has sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident, you may have the legal right to be compensated by the at-fault party. To learn more about your accident-specific legal rights, consult with our experienced accident lawyers today!

Why Should You Hire an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Clermont?

It can be difficult for a motorcycle accident victim to obtain recompense after the incident, particularly if they try to file their claim without the help of a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in Clermont. Since personal injury insurance protection (PIP) in few states is only needed for automobiles with 4 or more wheels, motorcycle riders are not allowed to have PIP coverage.

Even if the motorcycle rider owns a four-wheeler, which is covered under PIP insurance, the coverage doesn’t apply to the accidents involving a motorcycle. In case the motorcycle rider is uninsured, they may find it difficult to pay for hefty medical expenses, particularly if their injuries prevent them from being present at work.

Motorcycle accident attorney

If you have sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident, an experienced Clermont motorcycle accident lawyer can walk you through your options to seek compensation so as to cover your losses that may further be augmented by circumstances like medical malpractice, etc.

Contacting a skilled attorney soon after the incident allows them to start collecting necessary information and evidence immediately to support your motorcycle accident claim. To help you create your accident claim, your lawyer may:

  • Gather police and scene reports
  • Collect witness statements
  • Capture photographs of the accident scene
  • Investigate the other party’s driving background
  • Reconstruct the scene with experts
  • Recreate the mishap
  • Review your medical records
  • Consult with experts
  • Approach your insurer on your behalf

Clermont Motorcycle Accident Attorney Suggest Steps to Take after a Motorcycle Accident Crash

Motorcycle accidents may involve serious injuries that require urgent medical attention. After you receive the required medical care, you must do the following:

  • Contact a reputed law firm to fix an appointment with a qualified motorcycle accident attorney in Clermont, Florida.
  • Gather as much evidence as you can, including photographs of the accident scene and relevant medical documents.
  • File a claim against your or the at-fault party’s insurance company and hire a qualified motorcycle crash lawyer in Clermont to represent your case on your behalf.

It is to be noted that you cannot expect to get a fair settlement claim amount without hiring a Clermont motorcycle accident attorney since insurance companies try their best to keep the compensation amount as low as possible.


Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims

If the motorcycle rider was not at fault, they may seek recompense from the other party, whose negligent behavior led to the accident. Although motorcyclists are not covered under PIP insurance, they are not restricted by the same. In simple words, insured motorcyclists are not restricted with respect to the damages they may seek to cover their losses, including suffering and pain.

Automobile vehicle accident claims include PIP insurance, which needs the victim to pass an “injury threshold” in order to seek compensation from the at-fault party – and it doesn’t allow to obtain compensation for pain and suffering. On the other hand, an injured motorcyclist does not require passing an “injury threshold” to pursue compensation for losses that may include medical costs and lost wages along with pain and suffering.

Insurance Negotiations:

Post-accident, your motorcycle crash attorney will contact the insurer of the at-fault party to negotiate a settlement to cover the losses due to the accident. They may use the gathered information to file a claim against the insurance company. If the outcome of the negotiations with insurers is unsatisfactory or unsuccessful, you can take legal action against the at-fault party with the help of your motorcycle accident lawyer in Clermont, Florida.


Motorcycle accidents are basically personal injury cases; hence, based on the concept of “negligence.” This means, your motorcycle crash attorney will require to establish that the other motorist involved in the accident was at fault as they failed to meet a reasonable standard of care. To prove this, your accident lawyer will perform an investigation to learn more about the other party – if he/she violated the traffic rules, failed to pay attention to his/her surroundings, or was driving under the influence at the time of the accident.

Product Liability:

In several cases, a defect in your vehicle, or the other party’s automobile might be the cause of the accident. In such situations, you can file a claim against the manufacturer of the defective automobile or its part. Your attorney will carry out an investigation to figure out if the car had any defects before the accident. Along with the forensic team, your accident lawyer will find if:

The faulty motorcycle or its part was “unreasonably risky”

The motorcycle was operated as it should be

The motorcycle’s performance hadn’t altered since its purchase

Faulty tires, brakes, accelerators, and defective fuel systems are some examples of the defects for which you may file a product liability case against the manufacturer.

Wrongful Death:

If you have lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash, you may have the legal right to recover compensation via a wrongful death lawsuit. An experienced Clermont motorcycle accident attorney can help the surviving family members prove that the negligence of the at-fault party caused the death of the motorcycle accident victim.

Compensation Covered in a Motorcycle Crash Injury Claim

While negotiating a claim or filing a lawsuit against the insurance company or the at-fault party, experienced Clermont motorcycle crash attorneys at MANGAL, PLLC can work on your behalf to recover recompense for:

  • Past and Future Medical Expenses:

    If the injuries are directly related to the motorcycle crash, then victims can file a claim or lawsuit to receive compensation for emergency care, hospitalization, surgery, etc.

  • Lost Income:

    Motorcycle accident sufferers are entitled to be compensated for the wages they might have earned if the crash hadn’t occurred. They can claim compensation for the time they were away from work for recovery.

  • Pain and Suffering:

    Since motorcyclists are not covered under PIP insurance, they can file a lawsuit to obtain compensation for their pain and suffering after the mishap. To decide whether nor not a victim requires recompense, factors like type of injury, its severity as well as duration and intensity of pain are taken into consideration.

  • Mental Agony:

    Motorcycle accident sufferers and their families can also seek compensation for the emotional pain they had to experience after the crash. This may include feelings like grief, worry, nervousness, fright, and embarrassment.

  • Loss of Consortium:

    The surviving family member of the deceased victim may be given compensation for the loss of assistance, services, aid, and companionship of their loved one in wrongful death cases arising due to motorcycle accidents.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injury Causes

Motorcycle crashes can happen because of various reasons, including negligent driving. Negligent acts that may lead to accidents are as follows:

  • Veering in front of a motorcyclist
  • Cutting off a motorcycle rider at intersections
  • Failure to follow posted vehicle speed limits
  • Failure to yield when necessary
  • Failure to leave ample space between vehicles
  • Failure to observe a motorcyclist changing lanes
  • Failure to pay attention to other riders/drivers on the road
  • Driving under the influence

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcyclists have less protection from the risky elements and other vehicles on the road. Therefore, injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident crash can be severe or life-threatening. These may include:

  • Bone fractures
  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Brain damage
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of limbs
  • Paralysis
  • Death

Finding the Right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Clermont, Florida

The fact that motorcycle accidents can lead to far more serious injuries than any other vehicle itself explains why it is necessary to hire a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in Clermont, Florida. The following tips will help you hire the right motorcycle crash attorney to represent your case:

  • Assess the attorney’s experience
  • Try to lean about the lawyer’s approach toward settlements & trials
  • Review the lawyer’s client feedback
  • Inquire about the attorney’s track record of success
  • Check the lawyer’s participation in the community
  • Discuss their legal course of action and payment plan
  • Review the attorney’s communication style and your comfort level with him/her

Putting Skilled Clermont Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at MANGAL, PLLC to Work for You

AT MANGAL, PLLC – Clermont Personal Injury Law Firm, we work closely with injured motorcycle accident victims and their families. We believe in giving personalized attention to our clients and the support they deserve. Our qualified Clermont motorcycle accident attorneys thoroughly listen to our clients and their stories, including how the crash occurred, what injuries they sustained, and how the injuries affected their lives. We also try to understand your worries and fears and work toward offering you peace of mind during your darkest phase.

Even if you are not sure you have a legal case, our accident lawyers can talk to you to explain all your legal options. After a motorcycle accident, victims usually don’t have the time and energy to deal with their insurers. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Clermont can take the legal burden off your shoulders so that you focus solely on your recovery.

As a reputed Personal Injury law firm in Clermont, Florida, we have the experience and resources to handle complex and large motorcycle injury cases, successfully. Call our skilled motorcycle crash lawyers to know how we can help you after a motorcycle crash. We are committed to helping motorcycle accident victims and their families receive the best compensation possible to bring their life back on track.

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