Orlando Injury Lawyer

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Facing a personal injury to no fault of your own?

You’ve been injured, and to no fault of your own. The law recognizes this and is designed to help make you whole. No one can go back and change what happened. But in your time of healing, there are certain legal remedies which might help your pain.

Attorney Mangal Represents Personal Injury Victims Throughout Greater Orlando

With the right approach, you may have access to remedies such as:

  1. Reimbursement for medical expenses such as EMS bills, hospital bills, doctors’ offices bills, prescription medication expenses, and more.
  2. Reimbursement for missed time from work.
  3. Payment for diminished earning capacity.
  4. Payment for the costs of future medical care.
  5. Payment for pain and suffering.

We understand that no amount of money will ever make you truly whole. But the above remedies are a good start. Unfortunately, they are not easily accessible. Insurance companies are often the ones to pay for your damages, and they are not an easy force with which to battle. Depending on the facts and scenario of your injuries, different legal strategies are required to maximize what you are rightfully owed.