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Statute of Limitations in Florida Personal Injury Cases
Statute of Limitations in Personal Injury Cases Personal Injury cases are complex because of the number of factors that are involved and the numerous versions of a scenario that can play out in a real world setting. One of the major legal complications is the...
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Negligence Per Se vs Negligence
What is Negligence? Negligence as a general concept is widely discussed—everyone seems to have a gut feeling of what they believe to be “negligent” behavior. But few non-lawyers really appreciate the technical definition of this term of art. Understanding negligence is key to understanding the...
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general damages
You were involved in some kind of accident and are now entitled to “damages.” How do you calculate damages? What makes up those damages? Medical bills? What about pain and suffering? What does pain and suffering even mean? This article surveys the topic of personal...
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The 57.105 Motion for Sanctions — A Double-Edged Sword
Author: Attorney Bobby Lean, Jr., Esq. I read an article recently which exhibited the exact misunderstanding of a 57.105 Motion for Sanctions which I often “preach” about to all opposing counsels, co-counsels, colleagues, clients, prospective clients, professionals, non-professionals . . . basically, anyone who is...
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