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Medical Bills from a Personal Injury Settlement
A car accident in Clermont can cause your severe injuries. And when this happens, your medical bills is likely to surge abruptly and quickly. So, do you have to pay your medical expenses from your personal injury settlement in such a situation? Well, in majority...
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5 Common Myths about Florida Personal Injury Protection
Florida automobile insurance laws require all auto insurance policies to carry a minimum of $10,000 USD of personal injury protection (PIP) coverage (sometimes referred to as “no-fault insurance”). PIP benefits are issued to all persons involved in auto accidents regardless of fault. Though PIP is...
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7 Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents
According to a recent study, Florida has one of the highest yearly motorcycle accident rates in the entire country. Without any doubt, riding a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous and can lead to serious injuries, sadly even sometimes resulting in death. Even the smallest of...
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The Virtual Practice of Law - MANGAL, PLLC
BRIEF EDITORIAL NOTE: Today is June 4, 2020, and I write to you during a tumultuous time in American and global history. We are six months into 2020, and we are now dealing with two global crises at once: a worldwide pandemic killing off hundreds...
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spinal cord injury
Personal injury cases can often involve brain and spinal cord injuries. In such circumstances, it is more important than ever to have an experienced spinal cord injury attorney by your side. Injury to your brain and spinal cord can profoundly impact your quality of life,...
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