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Negligence Per Se vs Negligence
Table of Contents1 What is Negligence?1.1 Elements to Establish Prima Facie Negligence2 What is Negligence Per Se?2.1 Elements to Establish Prima Facie Negligence Per Se2.2 Examples of Negligence Per Se2.2.1 Side Note: How Negligence Per Se Differs from Strict Liability2.3 Negligence Per Se in Florida...
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Florida Workers Compensation: How It Works and What It Covers
Florida Workers’ Compensation Worker’s compensation in FL is governed by the Workers’ Compensation Law found in Sections 440.01–440.60 of the Florida Statutes. It specifically applies in situations where an employee is injured on the job. Though it was originally designed to “assure the quick and...
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Car Accidents Attorney - MANGAL, PLLC
You or a loved one has just been involved in a car accident and you do not know what to do next. Your vehicle is damaged, and worse, you are injured. What should you do next? Stay calm, do the following: Call the police so...
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You were involved in some kind of accident and are now entitled to “damages.” How do you calculate damages? What makes up those damages? Medical bills? What about pain and suffering? What does pain and suffering even mean? This article surveys the topic of personal...
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PIP Insurance
Table of Contents1 What Does PIP Stand For?2 PIP is Comprised of 3 Types of Benefits2.1 Medical Benefits and Disability Benefits Share the Same “Pool” of Coverage; Death Benefits Are Additional3 Medical Benefits: Payable at 80% Up to $10,0003.1 Requirement #1: The 14-Day Rule3.2 Requirement...
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