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Insurance Coverage for Pedestrian Accidents in Florida
If you have suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident in Florida, you may be thinking about the financial resources that are available to recompense for your injuries. There may be physical pain, suffering, and emotional/psychological trauma. Then, there will be medical bills as well as...
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Slip & Fall
The law is full of important time limits and deadlines, and if you are not careful you can permanently damage your personal injury case due to lack of timeliness. MANGAL, PLLC is experienced in its slip and fall practice and handles all types of slip...
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Know How Personal injury Settlements Are Awarded in Florida
You may have to go through multiple stages prior to having the chance to get a settlement check. If you are wondering how personal injury settlements are paid out in the Sunshine State, you may need to consult with a qualified personal injury lawyer in...
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Most Common Reasons behind Truck Accidents in Florida
Over 4000 people die and thousands get injured in truck accidents every year. Owing to their huge size, big trucks can inflict substantial damage on other vehicles on the road. And needless to say, smaller vehicles like cars offer less protection to their occupants, compared...
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Should You Manage Your Own Personal Injury Claim
While it is reasonable to handle minor injury claims personally, complex cases may benefit hugely from the expertise and experience of a personal injury attorney.  Personal injury claims encompass various types of accidents and a wide range of situations. This may include being bitten by...
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