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Florida Ranks #10 in the Country for Teenage Driving Fatalities

In 2019, teen drivers in the U.S. were found to be involved in around 911,483 accidents that resulted in 3,833 deaths and 364,095 severe injuries. In the same year, 60,135 crashes involving teenagers in Florida resulted in 279 deaths and 2,200 severe injuries.

A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also found that:

● Teenagers had 2.5 times more likelihood of engaging in possibly risky behaviour while driving with a teenager co-passenger than driving alone.

● This likelihood increased up to 3 times when travelling with more than one passenger.

● In almost one-third of the death and severe injury cases involving teen drivers, the victim was not wearing safety belts

The Car Accident Attorneys in Clermont, Florida at MANGAL, PLLC Shed Light on this Worrying Trend

As per a Zutobi study on fatal car crashes involving teenagers, Florida has been ranked #10 for automobile crashes involving teenage drivers.

The risky behaviour of inexperienced, young drivers has been one of the most common causes of severe automobile crashes in the country, including Florida. At MANGAL, PLLC, we understand this since our experienced car accident lawyers have worked with many victims who sustained injuries in accidents caused by teenage drivers.

Florida Ranked 10th for Teen Driver Fatalities

The Zutobi study assessed automobile crash data gathered by the NHTSA between 1982 and 2020. The study showed that the number of fatal accidents involving drivers aged between 15 and 20 decreased in the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s. But, in the last few years, the number of fatal automobile crashes caused by teenagers has risen steadily in the country, particularly in 2020. In the same year, teenage crash fatalities surged by almost 19.5%, vs. 2019.

Talking of Florida, the study showed that the Sunshine State had the 10th highest automobile crash mortality rate per capita, i.e., 31.1 fatalities per 0.1 million licensed teenage drivers. On the other hand, Kentucky – with 71.45 fatalities per 0.1 million teenage drivers – had the highest per capita teenage car accident–specific mortality rate.

Why Are Teenagers Involved In So Many Automobile Crashes?

The Zutobi study found three primary reasons behind automobile crashes caused by teenage drivers:

● Driving Under the Influence: Although teenagers are not legally allowed to consume alcohol, driving under the influence of alcohol by teenagers has remained one of the common causes of accidents, leading to fatalities and severe injuries. In 2020 alone, drunk teenage drivers were responsible for the deaths of 523 people in car crash cases involving driving under the influence (DUI).

● Speeding: Inexperienced teenage drivers usually travel at very high speeds. Teenage drivers cause considerably more accidents compared to other age groups. In particular, speeding was a major contributing factor in more than 40% of teenage driver accidents, compared to 30% for other age groups, as per a Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) study.

● Distracted Driving: Just like speeding, distracted driving contributes to accidents involving teenage drivers compared to other age groups. Like older adults, texting while driving frequently results in accidents involving teenage drivers. But, it can be far more distracting for teen drivers if more teenagers in the vehicle accompany them. The same has been depicted by the NHTSA study mentioned above.

Moreover, teenagers wear seatbelts less often than drivers of other age groups and face more difficulty while driving at night due to their inexperience, as per the teen driver fact sheet of the NHTSA.

Where Do Maximum Accidents Involving Teenagers Take Place?

In Florida, teenagers are more likely to be involved in a crash in the suburbs compared to other areas. Besides, teen and adult drivers are more likely to get involved in an accident in suburban and urban areas than in rural regions.

What Time of Day is Accidents Involving Teenagers More Likely to Happen?

In 2019, the maximum number of fatal teen accidents happened between 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. Night-time driving is specifically risky for novice teenage drivers due to poor visibility, which increases the chances of an accident. For this reason, limits are placed on new drivers driving at night, and one must strictly follow these rules for the safety of everyone.

Safety Tips for Teenage Drivers in Florida

Safety is of utmost importance when it is to driving. As new drivers, it is important for teens to take measures for safe driving so as to keep themselves and others on the road safe. Here are some key safety tips for teenage drivers:

● Avoiding Distractions While Driving: Distracted driving remains one of the leading causes of auto accidents. Stay away from your smartphone or put it on “driving mode” behind the wheel, and focus on the road.

● Obeying the Speed Limit: Speed limits are for the safety of everyone on the road. Following the specified speed limit aids in lowering the chances of a crash and can also help you avoid a speeding ticket.

● Being Alert At Intersections: As crashes involving teens are most likely to happen at intersections, it makes sense to be extra cautious while approaching an interaction.

● Limiting Passengers in Your Car: Passengers can cause a lot of distraction, so there are passenger limits in place for novice drivers.

● Taking Your Time While Driving: Avoid making decisions quickly, to save a few seconds. Take enough time to make safe decisions while driving.

How Can a Clermont Car Accident Lawyer Help?

Many automobile accidents involving teenage drivers eventually shape complex legal cases. Sometimes, it is due to the teen’s denial of responsibility for the crash. Other times, the teen driver’s insurer tries to offer you as little as possible – or maybe, nothing at all. This is when you require expert legal representation to get the recompense you deserve.

At MANGAL, PLLC – Clermont Personal injury Law Firm, we have experience handling seemingly difficult legal car accident cases involving teenagers. We take pride in fighting for sufferers’ rights in Clermont, Florida.

If you or your loved one has recently been involved in a crash involving a teenager, reach out to MANGAL, PLLC, to discuss your case and understand your legal options.

Schedule your first FREE initial consultation here.

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