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7 Reasons Why Car Accidents Are More Common In Summer

Summer is fantastic for Americans in general, and Floridians, in particular, The season is the perfect time for family vacations and school breaks. Unfortunately, there is one thing about summer that is not great—an increased rate of automobile accidents.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), drivers are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident during the summer season with June, July, and August being the peak months. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) says that automobile accidents lead to nearly 30% more fatalities in summer than in the winter season. Teenagers are found to be the drivers in most of these accidents.

Although driving appears to be more dangerous in winter, there are a handful of things that make summer driving riskier. If you often hit the road in summer, it’s good to be aware of certain factors beforehand that result in more car accidents during the summer months. With such information at hand, you can easily keep yourself and other motorists on the road safe during this season. However, if you are involved in an accident during this time of the year, you must seek immediate medical attention and reach out to your car accident lawyer in Clermont, Florida without delay.

1. More Teen Drivers on the Road:

More Teen Drivers on the Road

One main reason behind more automobile crashes is that teenagers are out of school. They are often excited about the chance to drive vehicles themselves with their friends around. Sadly, most teenagers haven’t mastered defensive driving skills and are generally inexperienced drivers. Hence, when they are behind the wheels, the chances of accidents are higher. Plus, most teens lack the maturity, reflexes, and foresight to avoid colliding with motorcyclists and pedestrians. According to established automobile accident lawyers in Florida, individuals falling in the age group of 16 years and 19 years are more susceptible to automobile crashes.

2. More Vacationers Hitting the Road:

More Vacationers Hitting the Road

Since the weather is better in summer, more individuals and families plan road trips and vacations during this time of the year. And since Florida is a well-known tourist destination, more people from other states hit Florida roads during summer. Unfortunately, since these people are not familiar with the roads and areas in the Sunshine State, they are more likely to become hazards to other motorists as well as motorcyclists and pedestrians.

3. Alcohol Impairment:

Alcohol Impairment

Summer is a great time for families and friends to gather and party. People are also keener on attending celebrations and festivities during this period. On such occasions, people generally consume alcohol. Sadly, a good number of these individuals end up driving while being drunk. And, we all know how dangerous driving under the influence of alcohol is. Alcohol reduces a person’s reaction time and so, they make poor decisions on roads, which often lead to a crash.

4. Failure of Automobile Equipment:

Failure of Automobile Equipment

Heat in the summer season may please you, but it’s not a friend of your vehicle as the summer heat can affect your automobile adversely. For instance, your tires may blow due to excessive heat, which can result in severe or fatal crashes. For this reason, experienced car accident attorneys in Florida suggest that motorists check their cars before road trips in the summer season.

5. More Motorbikes on the Road:

More Motorbikes on the Road

Because of the great weather, summer is the time when you see more motorcycles and bicycles on the road. This ups the risk of accidents as more attention is required to spot motorbikes and cycles than four-wheelers.

6. Stormy Weather:

Stormy Weather

More storms occur in the state during summer. Although most of them are quick afternoon showers, there are a few that can severely impact driving. This increases the odds of automobile accidents, even if it is just drizzling.

7. Road Construction:

Road Construction

Summer is the time when most road construction occurs,  and road construction often affects a lot more than just your daily commute time. Changes in routes can result in more crashes as drivers often get distracted by unexpected changes. Oftentimes, they get lost or tailgate other vehicles when they are in hurry on unfamiliar paths, which significantly increases the risk of car crashes in the summer season.

Unfortunately, even after taking extensive precautions while driving on Florida roads in summer, you may still end up in an automobile accident, due to someone else’s negligence. If you have recently been involved in a car crash due to the negligence of some other driver, reach out to the skilled car accident attorneys in Clermont, Florida at MANGAL, PLLC. While offering your expert suggestions related to your legal options, we will represent your car accident case, so that you receive the maximum compensation possible from the insurance company or the party at fault.

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