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Common Motorcycle Accident FAQs

Here, skilled and qualified motorcycle accident attorneys at MANGAL, PLLC answer some of most frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to motorcycle crashes in Florida.

What to do after a motorcycle accident

Being involved in a motorcycle crash can be a traumatic experience, especially for the victims. The first thing to do after the crash is to make sure that everyone is okay. Once you have checked for injuries, your next steps should include:

  • Preserving the accident scene
  • Calling the emergency service
  • Exchanging insurance details with other parties
  • Taking a record of your accident
  • Informing your insurer
  • Avoiding to fix your bike
  • Filing your insurance claim

It’s recommended to take help of a skilled motorcycle accident attorney while filing your claim or lawsuit to avoid the hassles of negotiating with insurers and obtain the maximum compensation possible.

How to treat road rash from a motorcycle accident

The severity of road rash injuries may vary from victim to victim. Simple cases can be treated with first aid measures. However, more severe injuries require immediate medical attention and hospitalization. If you have doubts regarding whether or not you can treat road rash from motorcycle crash on your own, talk to your doctor right away.

Why does an accident attorney need pictures of my motorcycle helmet?

After a motorcycle crash, accident attorneys usually ask for pictures of the victim’s motorcycle helmet. This is because failure to wear a helmet could be used as evidence against you by the other party in a motorcycle crash case. Since not wearing a helmet while riding a bike is unlawful in most states, including Florida, the defendant can use it as a reason to place some liability for your injuries on you.

Also, wearing a helmet at the time of the crash work in your favor. For instance, if you have sustained neck or head injuries even with helmet, your attorney may use this fact to raise the value of your motorcycle accident injury claim.  

Besides, wearing a helmet during a bike ride is all important as it cuts down the risk of death or permanent disability significantly. Long-term studies have shown that wearing a helmet lowers the risk of head injuries by 7%, and the risk of death by nearly 40%.

How to choose a motorcycle accident attorney

Choosing the right motorcycle accident can be the difference between getting your claim rejected or getting underpaid, and obtaining the maximum compensation you truly deserve. To help you find the right motorcycle crash lawyer, here are some expert tips:

  • Assess the attorney’s experience
  • Review the lawyer’s client feedback
  • Inquire about the attorney’s track record of success
  • Try to lean about the lawyer’s approach toward settlements & trials
  • Check the lawyer’s participation in the community
  • Review the attorney’s communication style and your comfort level with him/her
  • Discuss their legal course of action and payment plan

What to expect from a motorcycle accident attorney

A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer with experience representing motorcycle accident victims and familiarity of the risks riders face will work in your best interest to protect your legal rights and get you the recompense you deserve. They are also expected to understand that the settlement amount must justify your present and future medical expenses and the loss of income you are likely to face. An experienced motorcycle crash attorney understands the complexities of such cases as well as the tactics used by insurance companies to either avoid compensating you or keep the compensation as low as possible.

How long can I wait to hire a lawyer in a motorcycle accident?

After a motorcycle crash, you should contact a qualified motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible to avoid missing the time window to file your injury claim under the Florida Statute of Limitations. Furthermore, if you feel uncomfortable, suspect that you are being treated unfairly, or you are not sure what is happening, you should consider hiring an experienced motorcycle crash lawyer in Clermont, Florida.

What should you look for in a motorcycle accident lawyer?

When choosing a motorcycle accident lawyer in Florida, it is important to hire the one who listens. Knowing different aspects of your accident case is crucial to building a solid case for compensation. Besides excellent listening skills, your motorcycle crash attorney should have ample litigation experience too. A lawyer who can fight successfully for victims’ rights to help them obtain the compensation they deserve is important to secure your future financially.

The right motorcycle accident attorney will advocate for your rights, listen to you, and stand by your side through this difficult phase of your life.

When should I call a motorcycle accident lawyer?

Ideally, you should call a skilled motorcycle lawyer in Florida as soon as possible after your involvement in a motorcycle crash. However, in the following situations, it becomes extremely crucial to call a motorcycle accident attorney:

  • You have sustained severe injuries
  • Your injuries resulted in a disability
  • The insurer attempts to pay you less than what you deserve
  • The insurer denied your claim

How long does it take for a settlement check to come?

After accepting an offer of settlement for a personal injury claim, it takes, on average, 3 to 6 weeks for a settlement check to come, depending on the complexity of the case. However, there could be possible delays due to various reasons, including the legal and factual matters of your case, medical improvement, and when the settlement amount is higher than average. Your motorcycle accident attorney will keep you updated on the progress of your claim and tell you when you can expect the settlement check to arrive once the settlement agreement is signed by both parties.  

Should I get a lawyer for a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle accidents often lead to serious injuries and may involve complex aspects that need to be addressed by experts for favorable outcomes of your claim or lawsuit. After a motorcycle accident, you should definitely get an experienced motorcycle crash lawyer if:

  • You have sustained severe injuries
  • You have a permanent disability
  • You need extensive medical care
  • You have missed many days from work
  • You think that you are dealing with a crafty insurer

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