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6 Factors that Influence Compensation in Motorcycle Accident Cases

Automobile and motorcycle accidents can ruin the rest of a victim’s life to the extent that they may need to consider an expert to involve in their case. Receiving a fair compensation can be the starting point for them to overcome the situation and bring their life back to normal.

Monetary Consequences

The costs related to accidents not just include medical expenses and emergency medical services, but also involve legal and court fees. Having said that, the biggest costs will recompense for the lost productivity at work and the overall effect on the quality of life.

Proving the Fault of the Culprit

While uncovering the exact reason(s) of a motorcycle accident can be a complex process, there are experts who are experienced and skilled at helping victims obtain the compensation they deserve. Proving the fault of the driver, who was majorly responsible for the accident is important, particularly if the accident resulted in substantial losses.

Consulting with a personal injury lawyer who is familiar with the federal and state laws is the best way to get the recompense you deserve. Sadly, the length of a motorcycle accident lawsuit can’t be predicted and it depends of several factors.

To help you with your motorcycle accident case and gear you up for the legal journey ahead, experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in Clermont, Florida at MANGAL, PLLC discuss six factors that can affect the reimbursement you could expect from your claim.

1. Driving without a Valid License:

Driving an automobile without a valid driver’s license is illegal and can substantially affect the outcome of your accident case. It is a misconception that if the other party involved in the accident drove without a valid license, then they could be held fully responsible for the accident-related costs. However, this is not the case. There should be the legal need to prove that the other party’s driving behavior was careless in some manner that led to the accident. 

Driving without a Valid License

Another concern is that drivers without a valid license would not be covered under car insurance and may lack enough funds to pay in damages. This is one reason why you should hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to ensure the best outcome of your case, since driving lawsuits are somewhat complicated.

2. Wearing a Helmet:

Each year, helmets save the lives of millions of motorcyclists and motorcycle passengers. It is for this reason it is unlawful to ride motorcycle without a helmet in all the states. If you were involved in a road accident in which you were driving without a helmet, it may negatively impact your case. Hence, having an accident lawyer by your side in such a situation is your best bet.

Wearing a Helmet

3. Speeding Unlawfully:

Driving anywhere in the country under the influence of alcohol –blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of over 0.8 – is illegal. If the driver who you believe was at fault was under the influence, it may work in your favor. States like California is now holding commercial alcoholic beverage servers liable, which could augment the legal seriousness of your accident claim. 

Speeding Unlawfully

4. Driving under the Influence:

A motorcycle accident can occur in a fraction of a second, but its consequences can be detrimental and long-lasting. If you are willing to press charges against the at-fault party or sue them, it is wise to evaluate carefully if your speeding could implicate you in the case investigation. If you are not sure, contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to determine what exactly happened as you should be clear of your responsibility in the accident before being scrutinized.

Driving under the Influence

5. Driving Law Violation History:

This is another factor that may influence your right to claim and compensation from the party, who you think was responsible for the accident. If you have a history of violating driving/traffic laws and you have previously been brought to the attention of the concerned authorities, it may have a negative impact on your case.

Driving Law Violation History

While this information may not dismiss your case altogether, the defending party’s insurer may use this information to bring down the credibility of your case. Having a skilled accident lawyer in Clermont, Florida on your side will help as they can sail you through any threats to your accident case.

6. Driving Recklessly:

If you have recently been involved in an accident and you are looking to file a claim against the other party, you may need to ensure that you were driving legally when the accident occurred. Stats depict that more than 50% of multi-vehicle crashes are caused by the vehicle that had violated the motorcyclist’s right-of-way.

Driving Recklessly

In case your accident was caused by another driver who violated a traffic law, was completely distracted, and veered into your motorcycle, or otherwise failed to follow the appropriate driving protocols, this will work in the favor of your case.

The fact that so many factors can influence the outcome of your motorcycle accident case itself explains that accident lawsuits are not as simple as they appear. Finding a reliable Clermont accident lawyer who you can trust will allow you to have realistic expectations with respect to the outcome of your accident case. Moreover, putting your faith in an expert to represent your case will give you peace of mind while letting you to focus more on getting your life back on track.

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